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    Laser treatment

    Laser Irradiation of Vascular Lesions

The Center is equipped with laser appliances produced by Biolitec (Germany) for the laser irradiarion of recalcitrant wounds that accelerates the process of healing.
The positive effect of laser irradiation on the regeneration of chronic wounds of vascular origin is due to:

   - the vasodilatation in the lesion area where the increased blood flow results in the damaged tissue oxygenation.
   -the stimulating effect of beams on the cells which leads to the acceleration of the local regeneration processes.
   - the decrease of serotonin and histamine secretion combined with the analgesic effect and the reduction of wound tissue swelling.
   - the increase of lymphocyte and macrophage quantities in the wound tissue and stimulation of their local defense mechanisms.

    Endo Venous Laser Ablation („bloodless operation” of varicose veins)

    We offer Endo Venous Laser Ablation (EVLA) to our patients when it is discovered after the examination and the Doppler Sonography that the reason for the varicose veins is the valvular insufficiency of the vena saphena magna and the vena sapena parva. This bloodless operation allows the wound healing and the recovery of the patients’ capacity for work and quality of life in the shortest terms possible.